Photography by Bonnie Barry, Joe Richard, Van Reed, Lucius Fontenot, and Sam Gregory

Acquired by Eunice native, Felicia Hebert Wiggins and her husband, Dave Wiggins, the Le Village property will be an important destination on your Cajun journey. Formerly known as the Seale Guesthouse, Le Village sits on 3+ acres of land surrounded by tall pine trees which shade all manner of local flora and fauna with something in bloom year round.

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-Meet The Owner-

I have come back to my roots in South Louisiana. I am back to the land from which I came. The journey now has become about my wish to share the unique traditions of Cajun lore, music and food with fellow travelers and to pursue creative solitude in a very tense society. This place called Le Village is my chance to share the patina that age bestows to things imperfect and incomplete, modest and humble, amidst the simple beauty of nature. It has renewed a weary spirit. Please visit soon!